Wednesday, May 30, 2007

When we go on “vacation”

Following Memorial Day the kids and I went with Rich to Boise who had to be there on business. What could be more fun than a few days in a hotel with my blessed children?! Here’s an account (haha) of what happened (because I’m so good with numbers…)

10. Number of hours it took us to drive there and back

9. Total number of kids meals purchased

8. Time we all fell asleep our first night in Boise

7. Number of kids meal toys that will actually make it home

6. Number of chewable ibuprofen tablets administered to children during our stay

5. Number of hours it took Kaleb to recuperate after falling from the monkey bars and spraining his ankle at Liberty Park

4. Number of hours the kids napped the second day of our trip

3. Times we ate waffles at the hotel’s continental breakfast

2. Times we locked ourselves out of our room and had to request a new hotel key. Also the number of times Zack disrobed at Chuck E. Cheese.

1. Times a toddler must throw-up in order to clear the hotel swimming pool

More later…

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