Friday, November 05, 2010

Spirit Day - Good Digital Camera = Pixelated Funky Hair

It’s Spirit Day in our school district, and my kids wanted to get in on the action.  The only problem is that I lost my digital camera somewhere in the move, so all I have is my cellphone to document this all important day.  Here goes:

Sport (that’s what we’re calling him these days).  He thinks I’m pretty cool after affecting this ‘do with just a roll of tape and that cursed black hairspray from Halloween.

And a picture of the back because he definitely looks cooler goin’.  Just sayin’.

The girl who will heresoafter (is that even a word?) be referred to as Sis.  She was content with a plethora of ponytails.

And Spunk, because if you know the kid, the name really suits him well.  He knew there would be a use for this sorry, flattened wig someday.  It’s his moment to shine.

I spared you the picture of my crazy hair.  Trust me.  It’s crazy.

And you’re welcome.

Happy Crazy-Hair Friday!

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Rhonda Barnes said...

awesome hair do's love it! grandma