Monday, November 22, 2010

In Which Mother Nature Thumbs Her Nose at Me

On Saturday my BFF sent me this picture of Idaho Falls.
I replied with the following picture (a virtual neener, neener, neener).
And here you have the same view of my front yard two days later.

I call it “Mother Nature thumbs her nose at me.”

We loved living in Idaho Falls.  Really, we did.  But one thing I knew I would not miss were the winters, which I wrote about here, here, here and here.  (Sheesh, I.F. weather sure did provide a lot of material!)

So I was surprised when it started to snow (and stick!) in my hometown nearly one week before Thanksgiving!  Like two-dollar bills, horsehair jewelry, and albino gaters, serious snowfall in Clarkston, Washington is a rarity. 

But if there’s one thing Mother Nature has taught me—if you can’t beat her, join her.  So last night we took our party to Locomotive Park in Lewiston, Idaho where there’s a phenomenal display of Christmas lights.  Forgive my photography skills and la crappy camera, because these pictures don’t even come close to capturing the holiday magic there.
Warming by the fire (Sport tolerating his sister, Spunk sporting the Spiderman cap)

Penguins with a side of cheesy smiles
In the igloo
Sis posing in a tree bejeweled (she would appreciate that) in purple lights
Not pictured: My mom’s funky hat that makes her look like she has an afro, my Aunt Janice getting jiggy with it on the light-activated dance panel, my brother AndyRoo and brother-in-law Adam creaming my kids in a snowball fight, my sister Jen and her sweet baby A who wore a pink camo hat and blinked each time I took her picture, and my sister-in-law Brei with their fabo Basset Hound Hercules (who pooped in Spunk’s bedroom on Friday night—a post for another time, thank heavens).

To the onset of winter—cheers!

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