Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I Heart Like-a-Star

Some people are on the ball, I tell ya. But boy am I glad Like-a-Star is one of them because she just made my day.

I signed up for GustoGirl's Easter swap and got my gift today. And look at what Rachel, aka Like-a-Star, sent me:


  • An adorable apron
  • A calendar
  • Easter candy
  • Egg-shaped sidewalk chalk (Leah is going to be estatic!)
  • A "spring" decoration
  • An egg-decorating stamp kit

I know! Not only is Rachel punctual, but she totally went over the 5-item limit. I heart you Like-a-Star. Now I'm totally excited to get my Easter Swap package in the mail today. (Thanks, GustoGirl for coordinating the whole thing). Isn't the blogosphere fabulous?!


RachelT said...

yay!! I am so glad that you got it (wow it came fast.. i mailed it yesterday!) and that you like it. These types of things always make me so nervous! I was so excited when I found out it was you I gave to! Youa re one of my favorites!
PS.. I wanted to get you a book since you are a fellow reader, but I didn't know what you had already read.. picking out reading for someone else can get tricky. THought that counts right!

Gustogirl said...

I don't think the gal I am giving to reads your blog which is a good thing because I have one of the same items in my package to her that I am going to mail out today. Glad you like it!!

pinkmorning said...

ooh, i am glad you like it! it is pretty fun stuff...