Saturday, June 02, 2007

Soccer Diva Meltdown

What do you get when you cross an exhausted four-year old girl with 12 o’clock soccer in 85 degree heat? A meltdown of colossal proportions. Apparently my daughter believes that she should always be the drill leader, should always throw the ball inbounds, and should always be the goalie even though Division U4 AYSO soccer does require that particular position. I’m hoping it was the heatstroke talking. Regardless, she threw a tantrum reminiscent of her three-year old Diva Days. In fact, the last two weeks have been very deja vu. I’m afraid. It’s like there’s a premenstrual 13-year old girl stuck in her Dora the Explorer body.

Deep cleansing breath. In with the good energy. Out with the prepubescent-nightmare energy. In. Out.

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