Saturday, June 09, 2007

Mommy is Closed

This week's column was inspired by events over Memorial Day weekend. It's when I realized just how far I've come from being a first-time parent. Not that I've learned anything. I'm just lazier.

"Over Memorial Day weekend my family and I spent Sunday afternoon at a barbeque hosted by my husband’s great uncle, an annual tradition. After preparing plates of food for my kids, which included everything save chewing the food and spitting it back into their mouths like a mama bird, I sat down to enjoy my own plate. Anyone with kids knows this is when your children, after having access to their food for milliseconds, are either finished eating or need your help with some obscure task.

Leah began to call me. 'Maaaaaa-um. Maaaaa-um.' Only kids can turn a simple, one-syllable word into a multi-syllabic Gregorian chant.

'Mommy’s closed,' I answered, determined to enjoy my food."

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Absolutely Bananas said...

Great article! It is interesting to look back and realize how much you've changed. And I can only imagine the difference after raising THREE children!