Monday, June 11, 2007

Mom, Interrupted

This is a real life conversation I had with my children this morning (and another example of why mommy shouldn't mumble to herself...)

Mom: Kaleb, will you clear the table, please?

Kaleb: Why?

Mom: Because I asked you to...

Mom(mumbling to herself as she walks from the dining room to the livingroom): What a novel idea. Doing something just because mommy asks you to...

Leah (having followed mom from the dining room to the livingroom): You mean evil, right?

Mom: What?

Leah: Evil. You mean it's an evil idea.

Mom: No, I said novel. Like new, refreshing, innovative. (Okay, so I thought the last two).

Leah: Sounds evil to me.


Gustogirl said...

Hahaha, so funny. I love how our kids want to hear everything we say. I often mumble under my breath and the my oldest usually picks up on it and says,"What did you say???" I need to be careful. Funny conversation!

Anonymous said...

Maybe that is why they don't want to set the table because they think it is an evil punishment for something...just a though. jen

LikeAstaR said...

This conversation reminds me of my ouse growing up. My mom has a masters in English from Harvard and her constant efforts at improving our vocabulary often sprung from nowhere. I love that you didn't just shrug your daughter off, or agree with her, but you took the time to define "novel." She probably used it in a sentence that day. Chalk one up for mom.