Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mothers Day Rant

Okay, so this morning I told my lovely children that all I wanted for Mothers Day was,

1. good behavior at church, and
2. a nice long nap

To this they all happily agreed, their angel wings aflapping behind them and not one halo askew. What did I get? One hour of Sacrament Tango punctuated with Zack yelling out, "Stupid!" to no one in particular but perhaps the elderly lady sitting next to us. And maybe I should be thankful, because it means I missed most of the talks about mothers in line for sainthood. Me? I'm standing by the exit with a weretoddler on my hip.

So I have a suggestion or two for the bishopbric next year. Please don't get me a potted pant, a hankie, or even a candy bar. Do us all a favor and let sacrament meeting out 15 minutes early. That's all I ask.

Phew. The rant is over. It's now time for my nap. Happy Mothers Day to me!


Erin said...

oh I hear ya! Sometimes I think of those churches where they have daycare, or whatever they call it, during the service and it only lasts for an hour and I wonder, really, how bad would it be to just go there? Or how many of the general authorities it would take to make a change like that? Oh I know it would never happen but a girl can still dream...

shauna said...

Amen! We went to Rich's grandma's church once and they had this sound-proof glass partition where parents and their screaming kids could sit and listen to the message without bothering anyone else. I remembering thinking, "I'll take one of those, please." But if you're gonna dream, you might as well go for sacrament meeting with daycare. *sigh*