Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine Reflection, sort-of

This week's Valentine's column.

Just so you know I did a lot of preparatory work in writing this Valentine’s column.  First, I texted my BFF: ‘Trying to write a Valentine’s column.  Kill me now.’  Next I reminisced about all my elementary school crushes.  Then I fantasized about eating a giant heart-shaped sugar cookie.  And then I posted to Facebook: ‘Trying to write a Valentine’s column.  Kill me now.’  Don’t let anyone tell you this job is easy.

I’m not at all bitter about being single as Valentine’s Day approaches, a day set aside to celebrate lovers and romance and a naked cherub forcing people into relationships through violent means.  No, not all.  

Because even though I am single, I am loved.  

Okay, so that wasn’t enough words to pass as a column, so I have to keep going.  Hang with me, people.  I’m sure this is going to get better.

Like I said, I am loved, most importantly by three wonderful children, two of which still allow me public displays of motherly affection.  

My youngest two are totally okay with public kisses.  My daughter is all about dainty pecks on the lips, and if I miss, she’ll pout and demand a do-over.  My 6-year old is still a little sloppy about it, and when he’s not looking, I have to wipe some of his exuberance from my face.  A few weeks ago, he ran halfway back from the bus stop when he realized he hadn’t kissed me goodbye.  All together now: Ahhhhhhh.  

But I know those days are numbered.

My oldest son boycotted kissing just last week.  I was tucking him into bed when he made the request.  No more kisses—he’s too old for that.

I’ll be honest—it left me reeling for a minute, until, that is, I tried to envision myself kissing the poor boy on his wedding day.   I can only imagine the scene from the bride’s perspective as the lumbering mother-in-law leans towards her man, puckering up for a big smooch and then wiping old-lady lipstick from the corners of his mouth.  

So while I was a little forlorn at Kaleb’s request, I can appreciate his maturity and the steps he’s taking to prevent awkward mouth kissing for him and his posterity.  

Then the other night while I was tucking him into bed, he said, “You can still kiss me, Mom.  Just not on the lips and not in front of friends.”

Ahhhh.  Looks like I’ve still got this one for a few more years.  I think I’ll celebrate by eating a giant heart-shaped sugar cookie.

Happy Valentines, everyone! 


Elisa said...

very sweet! I am going to go out and buy myself a ridiculously caloric sugar cookie. 'Cause I love me. Actually, as family and friends have sympathized and offered to help me in my unemployed, broke-ass state, I realize that I am loved. And that makes me pretty dang lucky...even if I wouldn't mind having an SMM in heart covered boxer shorts.

shauna said...

Well, Elisa, we survived it, anyway. It's no fun being in that unemployed, broke-ass state. I'm thinking the population here is great enough that it's going to join the union soon... Hang in there, friend. We'll share a sugar cookie in spirit. ;)

Cheryl said...

I loved that, he is really maturing, but still needs his moms kiss, just not on the lips. I think that would send me reeling for a really big, heart shaped cookie too. I'm like you, so affectionate with my kids, that I think they are too afraid to set limits with me. Or maybe because they are girls. I need to have my hugs and kisses (now on the sides of the face) and they never leave the house without a huge, "I love you mom!" As soon as they come in the door from school, they always run to me and give me a big hug and say "I love you." Usually, right before they are telling me their plans for the next part of their day. I swear, I see them less and less between play practice, cheerleading, snowboarding and Melanie's job as a Teaching Assistant for a Children's Theatre. Not to mention running of to friends houses or now Christie has a "boyfriend," a whole other issue! At least we know the parents and keep them fully supervised. she will be 17 in June.
I wish I could tell you things were as great with David and I but the stress is catching up with us. I'm not sure what to do, not yet. It scares me, yet on another level, I feel ready to deal with it. Wish me luck. xoxoxoxox Cheryl