Wednesday, January 05, 2011

A Miscellany of Digital Reflections

This past Christmas my brother-in-law drew my name, and as a result, I scored.  I’m certain my sister, Jen, helped him pick out my new fabulous digital camera (because we all know I needed one), and now it’s itching for better subjects than what I’ve found thus far.  But until I get my babies back, I’m stuck with my sister’s cats (no offense, Kronk and Hudson), an overturned chair and hijacked shopping carts.

I snapped this chair two days after New Year’s because it was a metaphor for how I felt about getting back to work, namely, turning my computer back on and returning to the digital world after a nice, long break.

When I saw these shopping carts I had flashbacks of a subzero Idaho Falls day when we got stranded at Sam’s Club and had to walk back home, me pushing all three of my children in a shopping cart.  I realized we all have days when we have to push the shopping cart home.  That’s a life metaphor, right?

There are some things that kids hafta do, like pop bubble wrap, laugh when someone burps, and clog their nasal passages with pussy willows.  And because of that, I never missed my kids more than when I saw these frozen puddles.  Because cracking the ice in frozen puddles in something kids hafta do. 
I was also incredibly pleased when my full weight didn’t even crack the surface of this here puddle.  Simple things, people.  That’s me being happy about simple things.

I did this so that you’ll be grateful when I start posting pictures of my kids, because, heh, they’re much cuter than frozen puddles and stranded shopping carts.  

You're welcome.

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Anonymous said...

Fun post. and I like the pics (with your new digital camera)