Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

My kids aren’t with me this New Year’s, so I’m going to use my blog to wish them the best 2011 possible.

May 2011 be filled with the ideal balance of difficulty and joy, enabling you to recognize the difference between the two while valuing them both for the gifts they are.  

May your challenges strengthen you and demonstrate the strength that already exists within.  

May you run hard, play harder and laugh so shamelessly that it echoes around you and makes your throat hurt.  

May you recognize the good within yourself and others, and make friends that value you enough to tell you when you’re wrong.  

May you not only feel loved but cherished by many, many good people.  

And may you always hold strong to what’s right and true, having faith that regardless of the cost, your integrity can sustain you through anything.  

I love you 10 times around the universe!
This year I saw Sport become a kid again, laying down some grown-up burdens he should never have felt obligated to bear.
I wondered if Sis’s heart would outgrow her body as she tried to be loving and respectful to everyone she met.
And finally, Spunk proved once again that big personalities come in little packages and that, perhaps, I can pretend that he’s my little boy forever (as long as I don’t say it out loud).
Thank you, kiddos, for a great 2010!  Can’t wait to see the changes in store this year.


Elisa said...

thanks for making me cry at Borders right when the barista guy called "Lisa" for me to come and pick up my hot chocolate. Your children are so beautiful, just like their mother.

Jim said...

Awww, your kids are so lucky! My mother is thoughtful, but baking a cake with my face on it for the purpose of wishing me a Happy New Year would be pushing it, even for her.

Here's to a new year with new opportunities, and many adventures for Shauna Belknap!

Jim said...

Whoops, there might be a "slash that last comment" by tomorrow. Upon closer inspection, the text on that looks too flat and perfectly shaped to be done with icing. :p Nevertheless, very thoughtful!

shauna said...

Ahh, thanks, Elisa (or should I call you 'Lisa'). And Jim, I am no Suzy Homemaker, let alone, Suzy Cake Boss. But I can get wicked with cheap PhotoShop knock-offs. :)