Thursday, August 28, 2008

Prayers for a Fellow Blogger

Some of you may have heard, but a fellow blogger and her husband were in a plane crash and are currently being treated for severe burns. If it's one thing I've learned about blogging it's that it fosters a spectacular community of support. I share this so you too can pray for them. Today Stephanie's family and friends are holding a benefit auction intended to raise money for their recovery costs. You can also visit the link below to learn more about helping their cause. Or visit her sister's blog for updates.


Ma Fitz said...

I'm glad you posted that, Shauna. I have followed the blogs of both the victim and her sister for a long time. This was absolutely shocking news. She is in for many months of recovery (as is her hubby, but he wasn't burned as severely), and may be in a drug-induced coma for several months. Her 4 small children are being cared for by their aunts. They expect the medical bills to reach into the millions, and they will need funds just to live as they get back on their feet once they're home from the hospital. It's a sad situation that is made a bit better by the goodness of people. Reading her sister's blog ( helps keep it all in perspective and gives us all great hope.

Prayers are their first request. Anyone can pray!

Carrie Wilson Link said...

I'll light the Marys.