Tuesday, January 08, 2008

In which post Shauna gets over it

Okay, so not really, but it was good to vent and now I’m moving on, post-wise that is. Thanks so much for all the great advice—it has been incorporated into my action plan. Following my dear mother’s suggestion I put my kids to bed early Sunday night, took a long, hot bath, and got a little me-time (see Suburban Correspondent's comment). Meds (St. John’s Wart chased with some B complex—for starters [thanks, Carrie and Karen from Pediascribe] – as suggested by my lovely pharmacist sister, Jen) to commence on Wednesday. If that doesn’t work I’ll be trying the stronger stuff. Thanks Tola (Mom and my brother Jason) for volunteering to help me fold laundry--there are no better friends than those willing to brave my dirty clothes. Thanks also to the exHub who brought me a Diet Coke and chocolate after reading the post in which I vented and felt sorry for myself (How's that for amicable?) And I do so solemnly swear to move forward one 3x3 inch square at a time (thanks, Shawn).

You couldn’t be more fabulous, dear readers. I’m trying to think up some way to show you have much I appreciate your fabulousness. Stay tuned!

And just a few things that have made me happy as of late. My sister Jen sent me these:
Aren’t they beautiful? All yellow and cheerful (with lemon slices in the vase—appropriate, no?).

And here’s the new purse my mom got me for Christmas—proof that she picks the best fabric for my purses (I LOVE IT, MOM!).

If any of you are interested in these purses visit Designs by Jamie who made all the purses showcased here and here.

And that’s it for today although I started a “Parenting with Love and Logic” class last night which I’m sure will inspire many a future post. Kaleb also got glasses so I’ve got to share the before and after pictures. But Leah’s home sick today so I’ve got to mother and stuff.

Thanks again, everyone. You’re a force to be reckoned with; you did indeed help me better manage my stress and depression.

Love to you all!


suburbancorrespondent said...

Parenting With Love and Logic? Logic? I hope you're not paying money for this course.

linds said...

I'm glad you are feeling better. Isn't it crazy how much Diet Coke really can make things better!?!?! The bag is awesome and I love the flowers!

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Glad you're feeling a bit better today. First, I must say I LOVE the new header!! Very cute.

And the flowers....with the lemons in the vase...is that so when the flowers die you have lemonade? (grin)

Gustogirl said...

You do have some awesome readers! I am glad to hear that all the suggestions worked. I didn't comment, I was just busily taking mental notes for me(from the comments). Flowers are always a cheerful way to brighten the day. Hope things continue to get better

shauna said...

SC, you make me laugh. Nope. It's a free class offered through the local school district.

Karen, thanks so much for the compliment on the header. I made it myself so I figure that's as good as it's going to get for now.

Gustogirl, you're one of those great readers too. Hands down, this is the best support group I have ever found.

shawn said...


One step at a time Shauna ...

BTW, minor detail, but the link you put on my name in the post doesn't lead to my blogs ... no biggie one way or the other.

Like they say in the movie The Robinsons - "Keep Moving Forward"

Erin said...

Eli will be so excited that Kaleb has glasses! Maybe he'll want to wear his again.

That was very nice of Mr. Ex too. Glad you got some "you" time.

shauna said...

So sorry, Shawn. The link has been fixed. (I want people to know how to really find you!)

Erin, Kaleb is currently super excited about his glasses (not my reaction when I got my first pair, that's for sure). But I'm guessing that feeling will fade with time. Maybe not (Leah was super upset when she didn't get any).

Annie said...

Don't you love the blogging support? I have been reading, and thinking of you.

Glad things are going better - and I love those flowers! My Mum arrives on saturday - and that's my inspiration for a nice arrangement fo r her room!

Anonymous said...

You sound great! I am so glad to see you taking proactive steps toward happiness. :-) It is, after all, a choice, as is misery.

Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

((((HUGS)))) Glad things are more even. Sounds like you are trying some good things.

I love the purse and the flowers. Nothing like gifts to make one smile, especially from loved ones.

For the record, you are one of the most caring and supportive person that I know. You would (and have) given the same amount of support to us, if we were having a rough time.

Take care of yourself and keep posting!


Anonymous said...

As my daughter once reminded me in a low moment: "Mommy, no one is alone on this planet."

Kristi O said...

I am convinced God created Diet Coke for mommies. It is a true blessing! Ha if you are ever unsure just ask me. Its never far from my side. :)

shauna said...

Kristi O, you make me laugh. I can't wait to meet you in person. I've gotta plan a trip to Clarkston soon to see my new twin neices, so I'll let you know so we can get a Diet Coke together! :)

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Sounds like you got all the TLC you so richly deserved! I make it a habit to buy myself a dozen roses every week. I divide them up and put them in places for ME to enjoy. Just me. Love it.