Monday, October 22, 2007

Thanks for your support!

To all of you who emailed and have continued to check back, the twins are faring well. Another Cat Scan revealed the bleeding has been contained to one side of the brain which is good news. This little gals seem to have new battles daily, but they're both fighters. I promise to keep everyone posted as I learn more myself. Thanks so much for your prayers!


Rachel said...

To Ava and Emma...keep fighting little girls. You are in all of our hearts.

Anonymous said...

from the appreciate all your prayers and thoughts it gives us encourment and hope. They trully are fighters. Today is a good day they are doing well. thanks so much Rhonda

Feener said...

thinking bout you and your family during this time.

my minivan is faster than yours said...

Do you know what grade their brain bleeds are? Kids with Grade 1 brain bleeds have no higher incidence of any learning disabilities, etc. than the general population.

Prematurity? This topic I know far too well. I also know several adults who 30+ years ago were born as early as 28 weeks and are educated, tall, funny, blah blah blah adults. Personally, I love me a good success story!

Keep us posted!