Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Smells of Summer

Every summer I recognize them; they cue in summer, somehow making my children quiver with excitement like tuning forks. The sun feels warmer, the future is brighter, and summer stretches ahead like an endless golden ribbon.

Feeling inspired by Notes to Self, I’ve decided to create a montage: the fab five smells of summer. Here they are:

Chlorine: Swimming lessons, motel swimming pools, and family trips to the aquatic center. My kids love to be in the water. Even after a bath, the smell of chlorine lingers on their skin and reminds me of my own childhood, uninhibited for hours in my swimming suit.

Sunscreen: Always a good excuse to give your kids a rubdown. I call out “Sunscreen!” and my children line up. They stand in front of me, holding out their arms like an offering. I think they enjoy it as much as I do. “Don’t forget my neck, mama,” Zack said to me this morning.

Barbeque: I love going on walks and passing all the houses in mid-barbeque. My mom and dad still grill the summer away, and the first thing most of us ask when we go home to visit is, “Are we barbequing tonight?” (If paper plates had a smell they'd be on this list too.)

Kids after a long day playing outside: They're warm with an earthy smell (and a hint of sunscreen). It must be the scent of concentrated energy and laughter.

Fresh cut grass: It almost makes me want to mow the lawn (honey, I said almost). I think the summer scent of my children is also one part fresh cut grass.


Lauren said...

That is a great list! I love it. We are not smelling those smells here in 57 degree Seattle but we are heading south in THREE WEEKS!! Woohoo!!!!

LikeAstaR said...

Oh, I love this post. THe pictures seem so bright and flagrant. I, too, love the smell of summer. I always tell my husband when he cmoes home from golfing that I want ot smell his neck. I love the smell of being outside in the sun for hours... Thanks for the fun imagry.. I want to go enjoy the sunshine!

The Rose Family said...

I totally agree with the chlorine. I used to walk through the Smith Field House at BYU just to get a whiff of chlorine during the long winters. It made the 16 hours of darkness each day a little more bearable to smell something you associate with warmth and sunshine!
Rachel (Erin's sister)

Absolutely Bananas said...

oh you are SO right about those smells! Lovely... mmm mmm good!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing how a few pictures and descriptions can make you want to go outside...see ya later, jen

pinkmorning said...

my favorite smells have always been the smell of rain(the way it smells right after, so fresh and clean) and the smell of fresh cut grass. i lost my sense of smell seven years ago in a head injury i suffered, and oh, do i miss those smells. great post.