Thursday, June 28, 2007


I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog and what I’d like it to be when it grows up. Way back when I started, “Up in the Night” was just a way to share all my crazy kid stories with family and friends. After some time it became an exercise in writing and a cheap replacement for Prozac. And while I don’t fool myself into believing that I have a kabillion readers, I want my blog to have a positive impact on the people who do read it. That and I want it to be thoughtful, kind, and well groomed with good manners (like my children are in my dreams).

And for those posts that have crossed that line, I apologize. I would hope the slips have appeared innocuous to my gentle readers (all three of you). I try, in most posts, to limit my fun-poking to myself, the hub, and my chillun because I know it's all tempered with a hearty dose of love, nauseating effusion, and cheek pinchin’.

Just today I stumbled on Oh, the Joys’ kindblog badge, and decided the beautimous graphic would remind me of at least one thing that I know I want my blog to be.
So that’s the reason for the new pretty picture in the margin over there. I’m sure most of you don’t need the reminder that I sometimes do, but if you want a kindblog badge too, go to Oh, the Joys and download one for your blog.


The Rose Family said...

Everything that you wrote was running through my head also. I think that you and I must be linked through Erin (psychically, I mean). I think your blog is growing up very nicely. I barely make it through a whole post without snorting my drink out of my nose, so that's a success.

Absolutely Bananas said...

that's a great idea. I need to do that too.

Donna's Daughter said...

Thank You. Thank you for the fun I have had reading your wonderful blog. I found it a few days ago and have really enjoyed browsing. Of course my children now think I am insane, as I sit laughing myself to tears while I stare at the computer, but they would have come to that conclusion eventually anyway. You mentioned that you have lived in Japan. I have a niece who lived in Japan for about 18 months, several years ago. Did you happen to know anyone named Shumway? Oddly enough, she now lives in Idaho as well.

shauna said...

Thank you for the wonderful compliments! Actually, I didn't know anyone named Shumway while in Japan (on an LDS mission, by the way), but I went to BYU-Hawaii and absolutely loved President Shumway (and all his kids--his son was actually in a few of my English classes). Are they related at all?

Donna's Daughter said...

Probably, aren't we all? But not closely. I know that none of her paternal uncles are/were university presidents. Oh well.