Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Pink Pee

We went to the doctor today because Kaleb's pee was pink. Kaleb and I both laughed about it this morning when we looked at his safety diaper (potty trained though he is we still use "safety diapers" at night). "Is pink pee funny?" he asked as we giggled a bit. "Sure," I said and then realized that pink pee probably isn't very funny since it just might be a mixture of blood and urine.

As we made our way to the examination room at the doctor's office Kaleb let everyone know just how colorful his pee was. "I have pink pee," he told the receptionist, the nurse, and you guessed it, the doctor. After providing a brimful specimen (I've never seen a boy so proud to pee before) we waited for the results.

Dr. Wilcox was puzzled. "There's no blood in his urine," he said. And that's very good news. Apparently pink urine is indicative of kidney problems, so the doctor was relieved to see the test results. "I have no idea why it's pink," he said.

After leaving the doctor's office I hauled all the kids (one on my hip, one clutched in my hand, and one weaving behind) through a mini blizzard to the hospital's lab, carrying a cupful of pink pee. The lady at the desk flashed a look of concern. "There's no blood in it," I said. Her eyebrows drew together. "Hhhmm," she said. "That's odd."

Once home we waited three hours for the results. Their findings? Kaleb's pee, while pink, is in the clear. I suspect Crayola was the pink pee culprit. Kaleb's had a taste for dirt for years (that's another story), but lately I've noticed an appetite for red wax.

I guess in this case pink pee can be funny.

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